Two years old.

I felt a prick. I thought it was probably just a mosquito or an ant. I heard a whirring noise in the distance. It was a familiar sound; I had heard it so very often in the hours I was out and about. As it got louder, I noticed something big zooming in, approaching from […]

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Drone Wars: Game Reserves v. Poachers

When you hear the word ‘drone’, your mind will most likely conjure up images of either small consumer-grade drones used by your videographer neighbour or autonomous military-grade drones deployed for surveillance and offensive purposes in conflict zones. However, what is not as commonly known is the use of drones by game reserves in South Africa. […]

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Biomimicry of Humpback Whales

Water shot up from the ocean in the horizon. It was the moment we were waiting for. “Hold onto the bars. We’re going fast. We’ve got to catch it,” our skipper Stephen shouted from the back of the Ocean Odyssey motorboat. I braced myself, one hand gripping the bar tightly, and the other hand protecting […]

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Culling caracals does not help farmers.

I had an enlightening experience at the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness and Rehabilitation Centre located outside Plettenberg Bay, where we witnessed various indigenous wild cats of South Africa in close proximity. Tenikwa aims to educate its visitors on the challenges and threats faced by the indigenous wild cats of South Africa, and to rehabilitate rescued animals […]

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His eyes told me a story.

“Never stop dreaming. Once you stop dreaming, then your life ends… The goals you set for yourself, never stop aiming for the stars. Always aim higher, so you can make a success out of your life.” – Raoul Overbeeke The Blue Shed was particularly bustling that faithful morning, with customers streaming to queue around us, […]

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Who accommodates who? Lessons from The Point in Mossel Bay.

Coming from Singapore, a tiny island that faces challenges of delicately balancing between preserving natural spaces, and constructing urban spaces, being in Mossel Bay grants me the opportunity to reflect on yet another perspective about the relationship between humans and nature. Unlike Singapore, the abundance of land in the George region allows town planners to […]

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“What do you think of me going to South Africa?” I immediately sent that WhatsApp message to my family’s chat group when I received a forwarded email from my course administrator sharing an internship opportunity in South Africa. Only having travelled to the European continent for the first time last year, it certainly felt timely […]

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